Training & Coaching

All coaching in Gloucester Ski Club is provided by our team of qualified and experienced coaches and instructors. The following information will hopefully answer some of your questions about the structure of training within our club.

What is the standard for joining?

We ask that skiers are able to make linked turns from the top of both slopes, use the lift independently and have the confidence to try new things.

What happens at training?

On most sessions children complete warm-up exercises as one group before being split into smaller groups, either determined by ability or the technical skills that will be focused on in that session. This means that whilst for the majority of the time children will train in the same groups on occasions they may be moved around for specific training needs. Most sessions involve working on technical skills outside of gates first with a chance to focus on gates later in the session.

Technical skills training will take many forms involving various drills to work on stance, balance, edging and co-ordination and racing skills to name but a few. These drills may be performed from the top of the slope or in some cases from level one of the slope if they are straight running exercises. During the majority of sessions trainees will have the chance to put their work into practice by skiing gates, again these gates may be set for the purpose of practicing specific drills or skills, or may be set to complete race runs.

Is competitive racing compulsory?

All children are encouraged to put their skills and hard work into practice by competing in various races however this is not compulsory. Some children are happy to train and develop their skills without putting them into a competitive situation and as a club we will support them with this. If children are keen to race then the first step is the Summer Race League where local clubs compete once a month over the summer and earn points for their team. This event is held at Gloucester Ski Centre. The majority of children then progress to become registered ski racers and compete at races held across the country.

What equipment is needed?

It is not necessary to have your own equipment as this is available from the ski centre with the exception of helmets. Following a new member’s first session we ask that all children have their own ski helmet; however the majority of members soon find the benefit of having their own ski equipment.

When can I join?

We are always keen to welcome new members and anyone interested in joining the club can come along for a trial session. Arrive 15 minutes before the start time and there should be a committee member or coach at the centre to help you. Please contact us to arrange for a convenient day.